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oh the things i can do with hot rollers and a fabulous head of hair......

colorful and casual was first up.....

up close and personal you get to see all the great details...

i adore this one - the contrast of elements -industrial brick, concrete with satin and lace and a sexy half swept updo

classic and polished

striking a pose for this babe was effortless.....

low cut and sexy gives a chance to show off the backside.....side swept hair allows the swarovski crystals to shine and intersect with this low cut gown.

super sexy cut and detail with soft swept hair....

this floor length silk/lace gown and robe truly are the ultimate in luxury bridal sleepwear

the intricate beading on this beaded hair vine lends a fresh and feminine touch

thru the looking glass....

baby, let your hair down.....

special thanks to

Shiela Connell @

Joanna Bisley @

photography: Tiffany @

make up artist: Shea Brown



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