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Sun, salt, and and even fresh summer air ( TRANSLATE-WIND!) can lead to brittle damaged hair. for the best healthy hair treatment and tips, heres my go-to, to get you on track and help end the season with shiny strands

Summer can cause havoc on hair and with colder climes around the corner (swear word- I know) we can do our part, at least, in the world of haircare treatment and prevention.

EVO haircare has a plethora of at home care products and I'm happy to point you in right direction behind the chair and right here. take away the worry about your tresses. and discover a few of the best rescue treatments and care products.

EVO will not only help you recover the moisture and keep the healthy shine throughout the rest of the SUMMER SEASON, but will save you the worries and stress of unmanageable hair.


Evo saving ordinary humans from themselves™ Evo creates innovative, salon-only products that are simple, luxurious and effective to use. Inside bottles of Evo that are bursting with personality, you’ll find luxurious products that are sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free. looking for something different when it comes to hair care? you will love Evo.



a strand strengthening creme to seal the cuticles and bind split ends. benefits. binds split ends and reduces flyaways, increasing the pliability and manageability of hair.



a leave-in treatment to restore moisture balance and provide sun protection. benefits. protection from uv and heat damage. easy combability. increases the pliability and manageability of hair.


concept. a hydrating treatment to moisturise and smooth hair; greatly improving manageability. benefits. conditions, adds moisture, enhances shine, reduces frizz, greatly improves hair manageability.


hair products are luxurious formulations made from the finest globally sourced ingredients. they are divided into 6 product families, catering for different hair needs and distinguished by colour-coded packaging (to make it easier on you lot).

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