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this was one crazy day.......within an hour of starting what was supposed to be the last really warm (for southern Alberta mind you) dry, and sunny day for an outdoor yoga goddess shoot the clouds rolled in...then the wind...then the snow....then more snow ......and it just kept coming

which in the end you can see by the images .......was a complete god send!

there was some serious improvisations and changes and complete chilled to the bone moments (this coming from me who wasn't half naked)

I've not worked outdoors on a shoot in the winter months let alone in the snow albeit during a snow storm

it was such a pretty day esthetically and the snow and our quick on our toes thinking gave for some really interesting images

robin, our model is a fitness and yoga instructor who came to me asking if I would help her create a portfolio for a new course she is working on.

I didn't hesitate. a quick call to my friend and photographer MICHELLE GIER and we were set.

its all happened in a short manner of time and so quick in fact, the 3 of us didn't get the chance to sit and drum out details prior to the day of.

so on this day as 4 feet of heavy snow proceeded to fall, the ladies showed up at my place with their own ideas and goody bags and we quickly hammered out our "plan b" .....AND GOT TO WORK

luckily we had intended to shoot around Okotoks area so we decided to limit our locations and wardrobe change's and in between came home for food, wine, and warm up

Robin was such a gem really. she was so poised, composed and solid in her conviction to getting some good images in spite of her being extremely cold.

what I had to go on for inspiration for this shoot was 3 words I asked robin in describing a feeling she wanted to capture


we still pulled off really powerful shots, as well such an amazing heartfelt day of collaborating. and you cant help but bond and connect in these kind of intimate settings (yes there may have been some nudity in the bushes for changes from scene to scene. what you cant see is the behind the camera laughing and mucking about in preparation to get something like this image of strength and beauty.

what you also don't see is me directly out of line of sight, bundled in my parka and winter wardrobe, holding robes and blankets for Robin in between takes. like I could complain ?

I find this peaceful and calming to look at. the soft snowy effect and pose is mesmerizing.

great day indeed

(in spite of a minor tantrum when the snow started falling)

as always, I am grateful for these opportunities and collaborations. this big segway in our day led to such dramatic shots and not having been able to for see any of it was the silver lining in it all. and seize the day we did.....

thanks to:

hair make up and wardrobe: moi



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