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KEVIN Murphy

Kevin Murphy

I had the pleasure of spending two action packed days at the WYNN in Vegas November 6-8th for the north American SUPER.NATURAL KEVIN MURPHY hair show. my travelling partner( in crime) was a breath of fresh air ...young and eager and packed with so much talent JULIA LINDAL had me giddy in a way I haven't in years (was like seeing me at 20 again) for her to be seeing a big show of this calibre for the first time...and to able to take part in her excitement gave me a fresh set of eyes in so many ways.

here's a look at a day in the life of the hairstyling world at an educational conference. I know..hard life ..but someone's got t do it it was long and intense, my brain was fried after 2 days and yet bursting with new inspiration and knowledge to bring back to my clients just in time for the busy holiday season.... check it out.

better yet come see what new tricks I've got up my sleeve

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