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Buti Yoga Photoshoot hair

so I cant start my post on this photo shoot without a little background on how this idea came to me.. downward dog... yep was in this grueling, challenging, and awesome class at the gym ...BUTI YOGA I've been going once a week for over a year now at MOTION FITNESS and happy to report I can almost touch my toes the premise behind the moves in this class are part tribal dance part yoga part plyometric meet robin, the instructor that I love and curse all at the same time.. she has this chiseled bod and long blonde natural wavy hair.. and me being the hair geek that I am I watch her move both her body and her hair in this class like an art form, and although I should be focusing on breathing and getting thru class, I think how I can get my hands on her head?

so while i'm upside down in this god awful position I think up my idea to combine fun editorial hair with muscle/fitness photo shoots, that always seem to me so contrived and (understandably) very little detail goes into the artistic side of these amazing women with amazing sculpted bodies. theres only so many images of women with beautiful sculpted bodies in boy shorts hanging from a pull up bar, one can look at.... but that's just me

why cant I take a fitness model like robin and have artistic freedom whilst showcasing both what I love to do and also her, and her passion and expertise. as like most of my shoots, hair make up and costume were done on location. and very much ad-libbing as they say... kevin murphy color bug was used purple orange all used and really worked into her braids that went in for 2nd change of setting. it was something new for myself, and also Michelle who is a nature photographer, who like myself likes to push boundaries

cheers thanks to MICHELLE GIER PHOTOGRAPHY and DAYLN SJOGREN of DAYLNS DAYDREAM MAKE UP and special thanks to my firends' the LUSSIER FAMILYfor allowing us to invade their backyard elbow park wasn't too sure what to think of all the hoop-la

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