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my oh my this was a fun tool to stumble into a couple years ago while watching artists on stage at a IBBS LONG BEACH HAIR SHOW. like I don't give enough praise to all things this once again has my singing...well more praise.

it was designed primarily for putting hair up but not limited to just sewing hair... as seen in this post showcasing my last creative shoot and used the sewing kit and played with the hair as well my DIY hair pieces using twigs and branches and beads and berries....oh my

its really is another tool to use as an artist who likes to work with different mediums on their canvas

my canvas being my model Mackenzie and her long thick straight hair

the kit provides everything you need..needle and thread based on hair color -theres 3 colors to choose from. the rest is basic sewing 101:

pins would not have had the durability because its almost impossible to secure a hard bulky accessory that doesn't naturally lay and bend on the head...this gave me ability to go in and really secure not only her crown braid but the accessory as she would be moving as seen in the finished image below

this is what the sewing kit looks like-a kinder surprise for stylists

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