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  • Tara Watts


WAVY hair

2016 is proving a little more boho than polished beauty queen.... think free flowing, disheveled (my fave) and opposed to perfect, contrived and untouchable....COMPLETELY UP MY ALLEY

it stars with a strong foundation in length with added uneven fringed layers, and in this case my client has a strong fringe and very straight hair...just go with it ..remember there's no hard rules..its hair

1: grab the flat iron

vertical sections with a flat iron rather than a barrel for a more random shapes

I typically zigzag my direction starting at nape..meaning rather than taking uniform sections from side to side I will jump up and grab higher sections then back to lower..again think disheveled. I used the damage manager thermal spray for hold and protection

continue with randon sections as well alternating direction of wave to keep the feeling of it soft

this is the fun part!

2:mold and play.. get in there with the fingers and shake all the"pretty" out of the wave. I want it not "done" looking. adding a shot of doo-over

my tools for this look: DOO-OVER DAMAGE MANAGER and EASY RIDER love love love!

shake rock and roll the hair

3: rake out wave with fingers and play. no brushes needed. it would change the look fingers with some easy rider for frizz control is all I needed this hair now has a sexy gritty and carefree vibe


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