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Okotoks Hair Stylist


 I have been practicing & perfecting my craft since 1990, and feel so lucky to have been given a gift of such a creative multi-faceted career.  

The helping that takes place when I can get my hands in hair may start on the outside but beauty seeps in on the inside... That's when the real magic happens.


It's never just about the "hair"

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Okotoks Hairdresser
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I thrive in the ever changing world of hair fashion that evolves as we do. My strengths lie in working with raw, natural, and curly textured hair while capturing the feeling of a moment or specific style. I love exploring all that is possible with editorial; especially where I can have the opportunity to reflect my skills and "curl wizardry” whether in a studio setting, creating ‘lived-in’ hair, integrating the elements or through any unique and challenging outdoor setting.

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Tara Watts

outgoing .charismatic. creative.

my career as a hairstylist has spanned over 20+years and taken me around the globe. The world of beauty has encompassed being a stylist, educator, platform artist, as well owning & managing  2 successful  salons in Calgary and Okotoks. 


Known for specializing in curly and textured hair, sometimes performing "curl wizardry" my strength and passion lies in both the love of hair and love of nature and its elements, and that drives me to create beautiful hair in its natural organic state. 

This passion has lead me to editorial and theatrical work where art and styling are authentic to the context and never contrived.


Currently, you will find me dedicating my time behind the chair catering to my clients, and freelance wedding and film work. 

On any given day you can be sure to find bobby pins in my pockets.


exclusively working with hair care lines EVO and  R andCO. to deliver hair that is beautiful inside and out.

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